7 Healthy Natural Hair Tips Anyone Can and Should Use

For a majority of people, their hair is their thing, including me. We all deep down in our heart craves for healthy lustrous, long locks. But with a great deal of misinformation on the web, it gets really vulnerable. This susceptibility leads us to search for potential tips that can work wonders for our hair. The sad fact about hair products including the fancy ones is enough to stand alone. They are chemical laden; expensive and over the years they leave your hair dry dull and lifeless. That’s not all; it impacts your personality overall. Our hair is our thing, it plays a big role in how you look and feel about yourself.  No, we’re not degrading any product here all we mean that even after using hair care product. You have to have some tips and tricks to keep your hair healthy and happy.

Here are some hair care tips that will assist you to have and continue healthy, natural hair.

1) Trim Regularly

It’s a golden rule, for healthy natural hair – trim repeatedly. The average hair growth rate per month ranges from 1-1.3 inches, irrespective of whether hair has been trimmed or not. Due to the myth that trimming your hair habitually will boost your hair growth, many women trim their hair without knowing the real reason.

2) Watch What You Eat

For healthy and lustrous hair you require a consistent supply of nutrients. Scalp and hair difficulties are possible to arise from extreme ingestion or deficiency of nutrients in your diet; in cases concerning an iron deficiency or excess vitamin A, most people experience hair loss.

3) Drinking ample of water

Drinking ample of water supports as well. If you want better hair, start taking note of your nourishment.

4) Avoid Blow Dryers

Many women like to blow dry their hair because of the bubbly effect and sheen that comes with blow drying. That being said, blow dryers are not that worthy if you want to keep healthy hair. The hot air which allows the shiny effect can actually cause a great deal of damage to your hair. If probable, try to always air dry your hair certainly in its place of blow drying it.

5) Use Baking Soda

You’re stunned, aren’t you? Yes, baking soda has become a popular option, replacing many marketable shampoos. Many people still doubt the usefulness of baking soda, but others report optimistic responses. Baking soda is something you had in your kitchen slaying for years without knowing what it can do for your hair.


Many peeps want to have long locks and the good news is you can have but you have to take care of yourself. Stay as natural, eat raw and good well-balanced diet, stay away from styling products, stay hydrated, use minimum chemical on your hair. The above-mentioned tips will surely add value to your hair without a shadow of a doubt.

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