Nano Silver Filter in Air Purifiers & Air Conditioners

As per the process, activated carbon is the ordinary course and the standard material used for the filtration.  There is no wonder that activated carbon is an excellent way to clean the impurities. A lot of it depends upon the microporosity along with the surface area. With larger surface area comes the greater porosity which in turn increases the filtration process. Hence, you must call it a surface limited process. In a manner, it’s a great disadvantage as well.

Nano Silver Filter – The Principle

The nano-silver filter comes handy and caters all the needs as it has excellent anti-microbial qualities.  It is quite similar to activated carbon only.

At the same time, it doesn’t require a larger surface area as well to work. Nanosilver particles are highly efficient at reducing both gram-positive and gram-negative microbes. Indian brand AC units’ makers such as Voltas and Blue Star use nano solver filters in their latest AC models.

Nano Silver Filter – Functioning

The nano-silver filter works by liberating the silver ions to neuter the bacteria. The benefit is that silver not only slew the bacteria but also constrains the additional growth of bacteria and other microbes like virus, fungi, and spores. The nano silver technology abolishes the inner outline of these microbes by captivating the cells.

Nano Silver Filter – Pros

  • It acts as an impeccable pair to the triggered carbon filters
  • Removes bacteria and other damaging substances from the air that the standard HEPA filters are powerless to do
  • Prevents the further growth of these bacteria
  • It can also eliminate other contaminants like pet dander, pollen, and dust
  • The study shows that nanosilver filters can eliminate more than 600 types of bacteria and sterilize 99.99% of the filtered air.
  • Inhabits less space

Nano Silver Filter – Cons

  • Extreme exposure to silver can make the bacteria silver-resilient
  • Nanosilver can also endorse antibiotic conflict because of the procedure of co-selection. Co-selection is a procedure where bacteria braved with one antimicrobial find a resistance gene by exchanging the DNA with bacteria that are resilient to a dissimilar antimicrobial.
  • Silver has ecological anxieties because of the contaminated effect it grounds on different kinds of cells

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